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Who exactly are we?

Monde Group is a multi-disciplinary development firm specializing in high quality real estate, architectural design, marketing, sales and management. Our focus is to provide people an inspiring environment that will enhance society and make the world a better place.

What does Monde mean?

Monde is a French word meaning people, society and world. In every project we operate at these levels of humanity, helping people make society better to positively impact our world. We do this through imagination, design and social planning as we build responsibly and create extraordinary places.

Why sustainability?

The world is developing at a rapid pace which means our responsibility to preserve the environment and its resources is greater than ever. Monde Group is committed to sustainable or “green” practices. We make every effort to use renewable products and efficient systems to help keep our planet clean and beautiful. Together we can make a difference that future generations will all come to enjoy.

Monde Group

Together, Monde Group brings a force of talent in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The extraordinary developments we produce offer a sense of place and memorable experiences to anyone that appreciates quality design, impeccable service and world class amenities.

Headquartered on the Arkansas River in Maumelle, Arkansas, Monde Group prides itself in working with a group of professionals that consistently produce the highest quality standards in design and services. From architecture to marketing and sales, Monde Group is a brand that represents the best.

With the objective to play a major role in the built environment not only as designer and planner but also as project developer and visionary, Monde Group is here to lead the industry to new heights. We recognize the care and sensitivity humanity must have with nature and we will maintain a high regard for the quality of life on earth.

Jackson Studio

Jackson Studio is a licensed full-service design firm specializing in high quality architecture, master planning and graphics for real estate development, property entitlement and marketing purposes among others.

Together Blake Jackson and James Jackson along with their consultants from around the globe make a team that produces the highest quality standards available. The holistic design approach Jackson Studio takes in each project ensures a total quality experience for everyone. With over 40 years of combined experience, Jackson Studio knows how to approach, design and build the best real estate in the world.

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Monde Group’s primary objective is to play a major role in the built environment, not only as the project designer and planner but also as the developer and visionary. We have set forth to create our collection of real estate developments and can help you in any step of the process to make your property something special and profitable. Share your vision with us and together we can make it happen.

Architectural Design

Design is at the heart of what Monde Group prides itself in. Having knowledge of current trends and cultural traditions, we can offer architectural solutions of many styles and a variety of characters to meet your needs and desires.

Landscape Design

The natural environment plays an important role in any project. With Monde Group’s expertise in outdoor planting solutions, lighting, water and sound, we can create the garden of your dreams or an unforgettable landscape.


With the most powerful rendering tools in the market, Monde Group can provide stylistic or photo realistic renderings of unbuilt and built projects. We can show what your project will look like before it is built or for renovations of existing structures.


Photography is all about having the eyes that can capture and tell a story of a person, place or event. Monde Group has these eyes and through our lenses and editing software, our pictures represent the best. Show the world your image in the best light, through the best lens and in the best medium.


Monde group has the resources to provide 2d drawings and 3d models of any project. Whether it is for as-built drawings to plans for a new building, we can create and model it for you.

Marketing Material

Whether it is selling an orange or an idea for a grand development, our marketing skills can make your products and services shine. Using our tools and resources in design and graphics, we can develop marking material for you to advertise and sell your brand.

Land Use Planning

With our experience in local governments and planning departments, Monde Group can help you obtain variances and zoning to help your project get approved that can add real value to your property and help get your project underway.


Every company and individual has unique skills and talent, however the built environment and the tools we use to market it covers a vast array of specialties. Monde Group is here to provide insight and foresight into any area we may assist you in from vision to construction. Let us make your idea a complete success.

The Founder and Managing Partner at Monde Group. Prior to Monde Group, Blake worked at Cromwell Architects and AMR Architects Inc. where he worked on projects ranging from single-family residences to multi-million dollar hospitals. Blake is known to have a design-focused career where his talents have guided many projects to award winning status. Blake Jackson is an honors graduate from the University of Arkansas’s School of Architecture and LEED Certified.

Blake Jackson Founder & Managing Partner

A Partner and Monde Group’s chief architect. Prior to Monde Group, James worked at Cromwell Architects for over 35 years. James served as the Senior Vice President of Design and was a Principal of the company. Mr. Jackson has broad experience in the development, design, and construction process of public and private residential, educational, medical and commercial projects. Beginning in 1974, he developed The Canopy Apartments, a 240 unit community which he has owned and operated ever since. James Jackson is a graduate of the University of Arkansas’s School of Architecture.

James Jackson Partner

After studying at the University of Central Arkansas and the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Lee Butler Jackson served as both partnering member for The Canopy Apartments and facility manager for over 20 years. Throughout this time, Lee Butler’s primary goal has been to ensure the highest level of residential satisfaction for overall property aesthetics and functionality.

Lee Butler Jackson Partner

The Director of Development of the Monde Group. In addition to the Monde Group, Edward works for McGeorge Contracting Co. Inc., where he has been handling land transactions and property management for the company, its subsidiaries, and sister companies for 18 years. Edward focuses his efforts at Monde Group on strategic planning, market and geologic feasibility studies, surveying, valuations, utilities, zoning and permitting. Edward Jackson is a graduate of Colorado State University.

Edward Jackson Managing Partner

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